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Fighting Fires for 30+ Years

About us

We manufacture a wide range of class-leading Fire Retardant Systems

Commenced on 01 April 1990, we manufacture special purpose water based, halogen free & environment friendly fire retardant coatings (Fire Breaks)  for application on electrical cables. We also manufacture mortar-based fire stop barriers to install in openings (floor/wall) where cables/cable trays pass from one room to the other or for sealing openings under electric switch gear, like HT and LT control panels.

We, M/s Multi Kilfire Pvt. Ltd, are in the business of offering containment solutions to active problems in the area of fire protection, by offering passive and long term solutions, such as mastics (as in coatings) for electrical cables. Accordingly, to protect the cables which easily get ignited either from arcing, weld-sparks, short-circuit, over-load etc., our Fire Retardant coating is designed to retard / prevent the propagation of fire (gets contained to that single location itself) along the cable runs and reduce the hazards of toxic Halogen fumes. It provides the time required to fight the fire and in the meanwhile assuring short term integrity, which enables the other active systems to perform with ease. Thus the fire is checked in the occurrence stage itself.  It is added that our Fire Retardant coating (KF-600) is installed / applied on electrical cables already laid in your Plant. No shut down is required for application of the coatings and can be undertaken while the plant is running. While most cables are of PVC type, where Halogens, acids and other acrid fumes are released on combustion, our coating retards propagation and does not release Halogens, which mostly suffocate and kill people.


Similarly, our Fire stop barriers (KF 604) are a vital part of any fully-implemented containment system. The barriers prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another or from one floor to another if installed in the passages / openings where cable / cable trays pass. These are also installed under control Panels to prevent fire spread inside the Panels.


We could also assist your personnel at a very nominal cost to identify locations / critical zones that require minor or major installations based on our 20 + years of valuable experience.


A little investment in such installations should go a long way in protecting your valuable and prestigious Projects / Organization against fire disasters and should definitely be preferred over and above insurance covers as well.

We are major suppliers and installers of these systems in nuclear, thermal, hydro and gas based electric power stations, oil refineries, cement, steel, and chemical / petro-chemical / pharmaceutical, etc.

Our products have no import content.

Our systems are mostly fit and forget types with a life expectancy greater than that of cables, thereby giving your Plant a lifelong protection against vagaries of fire.

Our vision

We, at Multi Kilfire Pvt. Ltd., strongly believe in the adage "Prevention is better than Cure".

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